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Useful prizes

We are fanatical about usefulness (without neglecting aesthetics), in all areas of personal and, above all, professional life. We are not interested in superfluous design that is only added to products to beautify them; rather, we believe there must be a functional compromise and an emotional and well resolved physical outcome.

This notion that seems so obvious, the idea that design should add value to products and services, as we know, is not so clear… for instance, who was it who designed the financial system, which only benefits those with deep pockets? Recently we were surprised by the new padded material for football goals that prevents serious injuries to players and the folding CubyKayak offered by Alterdeco.

But what excited us most, of late, was the prize in kind offered by the Catalan Waste Agency, in category A (products) in the latest Design Awards for Recycling for our AALB street furniture (incidentally, AALB is a contraction of AALBORG, in tribute to the commitment that countries acquired to sustainability in the Charter): a report on the estimated carbon footprint of the product, with the aim of communicating the reduced environmental impact of a product and improving its positioning in the recycled product market. 10 out of 10!

Finally, an organisation that is consistent with its principles and avoids conventionalities and self-aggrandisement. May this serve as an example and raise awareness in organisations!

Change and innovation is possible in all sectors! The Prize for Entrepreneurship could consist of consultancy and advice creating a company and a business plan, or perhaps the Prize for Responsibility could be to reduce the wages of those in high office that we all sustain between us…?

A joy!

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