Nuu, Bruna and Aalb in Torredembarra (Catalonia, Spain)

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Challenge: Torredembarra’s sustainable management is now a reality thanks to the involvement of a team of people and fulfillment of the commitments undertaken as part of the Agenda 21 programme of which it is a member. Urban furniture was needed that reaffirmed this commitment in a recently renovated area. 

Solution: Having received important accolades such as the Delta ADIFAD and Ebreambient Sustainability Awards, the Nuu range of benches was selected to furnish the streets of the town’s old quarter. Key factors for this choice included the ergonomic and ecological design and the reduction in environmental impact. The corten steel plant boxes filled the pedestrian area with splashes of green. With a built-in ashtray in the upper part, the Bruna waste bins were chosen to provide functional uniformity to the outdoor furniture ensemble.